Guinox 5860 Resin Dispersion

Guinox 5860 Resin Dispersion
Guinox 5860 Resin Dispersion
Product Description

Guinox 5860 Resin Dispersion is a unique waterborne tackifier combining high solids content with high adhesion performance and stability at high speed. Pressure sensitive adhesives formulated with Guinox 5860 Dispersion will have aggressive tack and peel, as well as excellent shear properties even after aging. Guinox 5860 coats well at high speeds on Reverse Gravure, Slot Die and Curtain coaters. Guinox 5860 Resin Dispersion has a suitable FDA status for use in food packaging applications covered by 175.105.


  • AppearanceOff white (free of grit)
  • Softening Point (R&B).......79-87
  • PH.....7.0-10.0
  • Viscosity, @ 25C., mpa.s....100-800
  • Total Solids Content, %.59~61
  • Alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO) free, phenol free, acid free, formaldehyde free and solvent free.
  • Very high cohesion, Good water resistance Low foam and suitable for high-speed (500~1200m/min) curtain coater.
  • Compatible with acrylics , carboxylated SBR and NR polymers.
  • Higher Solids, less water shipped greater formulating versatility.
  • Unique surfactant system, Enhanced adhesive properties and Improved aging resistance.
  • Low color/odor of base resin, Improved ageing resistance.
  • Excellent mechanical stability, ease of clean-up and excellent coatability.
  • All components have REACH listed.
  • Water-Borne Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Water-Borne Adhesive.
  • Paper label, filmic label and tape.
  • Automotive
  • Construction adhesives for flexible substrates
  • Enhance storage stability of emulsion coatings and paint film properties.


  • 1.Liquid, in drums net 200kg, in IBC tank net 1000kg or in Flexibag net 20mt/20FCL.


For a period of at least 6 months after shipment from Finjets production. All Guinoxs must be protected from freezing conditions. Care should be taken with handling procedures  and equipment to avoid the formation of foam.
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